The network of our dealers has been ensuring the fast and easy reach with speedy feedback. The wide network of our dealers even more ensures that not even a single remote area is left.
Further, We take pleasure to appreciate our most trusted dealers who are helping us to utilize the full capacity of our plants.


Every day, Bajaj Long Life Cement technical service managers are in the field helping our customers solve the common – and uncommon – challenges that may arise with their construction projects.
As materials and field experts, our technical service managers have in-depth knowledge and experience with cement and concrete properties and construction practices. They are capable of expedited problem identification, along with providing technically meaningful and pragmatic solutions to get your projects back on track.


Cement is a vital building material that demands well-organized distribution and timely delivery; and the most important focus areas are to optimize the logistics value chain of the product which includes first and last mile transportation.
On-time delivery is another critical area where logistics plays a role, considering that it is essential to ensure customer satisfaction. At Bajaj Long Life Cement we have our own fleet to ensure the proper and timely supply of Bajaj long life cement. We provide our products at the door step of the costumer. Our Distributers are highly satisfied from our service.